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All gauges go up and down.radio doesn't work.Windows go up and down a little at a time.
At first all the gages stopped working except the speedometer.I disconnected the battery for a short time to see if it would reset the computer but after I reconnected the battery none of the gages are working how do ...
Displays the word error where mileage normally is under trip reset button. No gauges work and radio will not work. Display shows temperature, but everything else is blank. Starts fine and runs fine.
It happens when i am drivein keep comein on in off all the time first the secuurity light then that goes off then the error light comes on it got bad yesterday when it was raining in stop
friend added octane to fuel tank with midgrade gas, (i know right) car ran very high rpm until gas was gone and filled it again a couple times with regular fuel. now check engine light still on and now runs louder and...
My key can't enter the ignition cylinder. It's seen like the wrong key but it's. What should I do to unlock this problem? Thanks
What other Gm year and model cars are compatible with the 2002 aztek for transmission replacement.
I have had issues with the radio/cd player not working. I have noticed, that if I move the battery cable in a certain way, the radio will start working again. Only to cut off after a few seconds, after the seat beat w...
The lights on my aztec radio have stopped working. Consequently, I can no longer see the time or radio station. I have tried looking for a fuse issue, but have not found one. In addition, the lights for the console...
Our 2002 Aztek when you first start it in the morning shakes[assume it is not firing on all cylinders].After we drive it about 30 yards it runs fine. What could cause this?