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Car will run for a few days then stop, fuse was replaced and it happened again. Took it to a Buick Dealership and they couldn't help me neither could a non commercial mechanic. The dashboard gages also went out the fi...
We have replaced the thermostat a few weeks ago and it was running fine until 3 days ago.. Its losing coolant and i dont know where its going.. My car isnt over heating, but when i checked it today there was light whi...
Everything is working except the gages, could it be a fuse or connection.
Yesterday I started up, heard a bit of what sounded like a muffeled backfire and ran very rough backing out of parking space. I shifted to forward drive and the engine quit as I tried to accelerate. The starter will e...
My transmission is slipping. It will get to 25mph and then won't go, just revs. After about 10min of trying to drive it will shift into gear. Can I fix this on my own or do I need a shop? If so, what's the usual cost?
One is yellow and one is green the are both ran closely together and there not part of the tdm I believe yellow is the starter and the green is the ignition 2 wire I just don't know where they hook up. Think I may ...
2002 Pontiac Aztek V6 3.4L with 150000 Miles, Engine shakes when car is idling
We are going to put a new engine in our daughters 2002 pontiac aztec. She blew the engine, but the car is super clean, no rust, New brakes, New tires, etc. Question, is it worth putting a new engine in, and does it ha...
Trying to remove broken harmonic balancer pulley
My key can't enter the ignition cylinder. It's seen like the wrong key but it's not. what should I do to unlock this problem?
Tried to remove key from ignition and the switch will not go past acc to the off position to remove the key.. The steering wheel will not lock. Hoping I don't have to jump car in AM.
I have received an estimate for $284.
what ,why , do ,i , need ,to , do this bitchs ?