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1999 Buick LeSabre Question: po303 shows up at idle only

new 6/3 coil, wires and plugs. injector has 13.1 ohms, noid light lights, without pulling the injectors out..is there a way to diagnose a leaking injector. a balance test?...o2 sensor readings?.. -
Answer 1
Good scanner, ie Snap-on modis, can run an injector balance test! However if the misfire only shows up at idle, you should check cyl 3 for low compression. Also a vacuum leak on or near # 3 cylinder will cause this. -
Comment 1
compression checked...OK! -
Comment 2
Replace injector. -
Comment 3
new injector installed..shop said old one bad..now code po303 comes up -
Comment 4
Well that's what you had before the work was done so what did the shop say is wrong now? Surely they checked for injector pulset to the #3 injector? And it was correctly installed with new o-rings! It's kinda their baby now!! Let them rock it!!! -
Comment 5
I told the shop to check the injector in question..they checked with there scanner and replaced #3 injector. I don't think that they actually checked the spray pattern or checked to see if the injector was leaking..not an impossible test! they reported to me that the injector was bad. I took the car for the weekend and the code po303 didn't show up until sunday. I believe the old injector was good. I do have it in my hands so I'll take to TMCC to bench test IT. if it turns out to be good, I cannot bring myself to take it back to the shop that condemned it. -