po303 shows up at idle only on 1999 Buick LeSabre

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new 6/3 coil, wires and plugs. injector has 13.1 ohms, noid light lights, without pulling the injectors there a way to diagnose a leaking injector. a balance test?...o2 sensor readings?..
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Good scanner, ie Snap-on modis, can run an injector balance test! However if the misfire only shows up at idle, you should check cyl 3 for low compression. Also a vacuum leak on or near # 3 cylinder will cause this.
compression checked...OK!
Replace injector.
new injector said old one code po303 comes up
Well that's what you had before the work was done so what did the shop say is wrong now? Surely they checked for injector pulset to the #3 injector? And it was correctly installed with new o-rings! It's kinda their baby now!! Let them rock it!!!
I told the shop to check the injector in question..they checked with there scanner and replaced #3 injector. I don't think that they actually checked the spray pattern or checked to see if the injector was leaking..not an impossible test! they reported to me that the injector was bad. I took the car for the weekend and the code po303 didn't show up until sunday. I believe the old injector was good. I do have it in my hands so I'll take to TMCC to bench test IT. if it turns out to be good, I cannot bring myself to take it back to the shop that condemned it.