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Plymouth Acclaim Problems

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

The heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) system may  change to defrost mode under heavy engine load conditions when low engine vacuum is produced. This can often be corrected by installing an additional vacuum check valve with reservoir to help stabilize the vacuum supply to the HVAC system.

Engine -- Verified

On 4cylinder engines, engine oil leaks are common from the valve cover gasket, cam plug, and cylinder head gasket.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

A hesitation on acceleration may be caused by carbon build up on the EGR valve back pressure tube. Cleaning the tube will generally restore proper EGR system operation, eliminating the associated hesitation.

Engine -- Verified

Various driveability concerns can be caused by deposits on the back of the intake valves. Fuel injector cleaner has shown reasonable results cleaning light deposits.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

A squeak type noise may be noted from the front of the vehicle while turning. This is commonly caused by a faulty upper strut bearing. Replacing the failed strut bearing will generally correct this type of concern.

Plymouth Acclaim Questions and Answers

punkshanks, 1990 Plymouth Acclaim, 3.0L V6, Columbus, OH

how much should it cost me to replace my fuel pump??

ealey579, 1990 Plymouth Acclaim, 3.0L V6, Plainfield, IL

where is the relay for inside the car

Visitor, 1990 Plymouth Acclaim, 3.0L V6, Raymond, WA

how to replace an oil pump

Visitor, 1990 Plymouth Acclaim, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Sodus, NY

turn signle when clicked to the right or left, left nor right will not flash on or off,just the green arrow will light up on the dash and the outside directional lights either it be right or left w...

manman, 1990 Plymouth Acclaim, 3.0L V6, Bardstown, KY

i need to know how to set the timing on a plymoth acclaim 1990 v-6 with ac i know the tops have to be in line with the notches but the bottom i had to take the sigh off to get to the timing belt co...

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Plymouth Acclaim Reviews

front end popping noise don't know if it ball joint are sturt

I bought this car with 30,000 miles on it. Ran fine until the Head gasket blew. Replaced and ran fine until the timing belt broke at 135,000. Replaced and ran fine until 244,000 and the water pump locked up and broke the belt. It never used a quart of oil between changes and always got 20+ mpg. Well, my problems started when I had a well rate shop replace the pump and belt. The mechanic showed me a little oil from the head gasket, and some minor drips from the cam shaft gaskets. I resisted his efforts to add $1500 to the repairs, as $700 was all I wanted to put in it. He told me it would use oil, but the engine never did. I got it back, and went about 25 miles, and got an oil light. I thought he might have not put enoigh in the engine. Adding 4 quarts brought the dipstick up, and I started home. Before I got there, the oil light again, so I added a couple of quarts, and went back to the shop. I was told the he informed me "that it would use oil." I looked under the car, and could see a 1/8" stream of oil coming out. I would like to know which bolt he put in the wrong place, or which one he left out! I had to junk the car for $200, and buy a 1995 Acclaim. I had to put a new water pump in it, and changed the belt, too. It still has the first quart of oil used. Yes I am ticked, but it won't do me any good. Caveat Emptor! He won't get any more work from me or anyone who will listen.

I bought my plymouth acclaim second hand from a friend of my dads, for an older car, it runs pretty great. My only complaint is it's electrics. I find myself replacing fuses every couple of months, while they arent expensive or hard to replace, it is annoying when your wipers stop working, or when your radio stops, break lights, headlights, etc. For an old car, its a great one. It's not much to look at, but its easy on your pocket in terms of gas and oil. Maybe it's just my car, but i always find myself needing new fuses. So just keep a few in your glove box and just fix them when they go and toss the old ones. Cheers!

This car was bought when it had 35m on it, now has 162m on it! It's been a very dependable car. Great on gas mileage. Parts have been hard to find here lately, but I really don't need to replace alot of items.. just added some driving lights under the bumper..really helps. Only real problems has been the AC pump squeaking when turned on and here lately when it gets hot outside, it shuts down on me... trying resolve it now!
Just got back from a road trip. Since filling up, had gone 107 miles. Then the oil light flickers and then the engine sputters on me, then dies. I disconnected the + terminal and then replaced it. Then it started up again, but down the block dies on me... it's garaged now.
I've not run the car too much here lately. Now, when I start it up, the engine races on me. When I go down the road, the car idles at 20 mph..

i bought this car because it had mileage of 20071 for a 1994. even though the paint was faded and very minor rust, i bought it anyway because of the low mileage off craigslist. right when i bought it the radiator was spraying coolant so changed that right away. changed thermostat. overall though the engine is strong for a 4 cylinder fuel injection and i don't have problems with it. its a gas efficient car and its nice to find one like i did with a clean interior. keep the interior out of the sun with the sun shade if you care to take care of it. hopefully nothing else goes bad on the car.

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