This continues to be a problem. Is it an electrical issue? Possibly fuse or relay switch problem?

So far i replaced the bottom roller along with the top roller and still when i attempt to close the door, it hangs up in which forced the bottom roller system to pop out, Does anyone have any ideas on how i can correct this?.

The car stalled and the oil light went on, would not start after that.

my Voyager broke down and I got towed back to my house I was able to put it in reverse up the hill I replace the driver side CV joint but it's still not wanting to go into gear could it be the transmission or do I need to play it replace that other cv joint

I smack the gauges and they start working and then the van will start what could it be

before this all happen when u would slow down the oil light would come on what could this be plz help

I bought this 1999 plymouth van and i notice the middle is is not moving and its not properly install. I can easily move last seat but this middle one is giving me hard time. Any tricks or tips that can help me. I tried youtube but no luck. Also can't find manual

it cranks back up but cuts off again before being put in drive.After three or four attempts to keep the van crunk giving it gas at the same time of cranking it starts and drives fine.This problem happens at least once daily,there are no indicator lights on

It will go a little than it starts to sputter and the gas gauge goes down slowly than it dies what could this be

Moving or jerking like like it being slam n gear what r some off the reason for that jerking engine feel like it's moving effect