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Both brake lights are not working. When the lights are turned on all four taillights do light. Brake lights do not work on the van, with or without the headlamps on - BUT the brake lights on my trailer, when attached ...
This is the first time its happened . My radio and heater won't come on when I start my van.
I started my van this morning and I realized my heater and radio didn't come on what do I check?
I have the part I just need to know how to replace it.
Lost turn signals and all defroster functions and rear wiper any suggestions ?
serpintine belt in good condition but slipped off the pulley. what could be the problem and how much for repair? the vehicle is a 1996 pltmouther van.
changed fuel pump filter plugs wires and coil pack now van wont run starts idles real rough and when you give it any gas it dies out. Whel ideling it is real rough
Does this model van have a kill switch, if so, where is it located? has not started since mild front en collision
engine doent have power and runs too slow
needs reconditioning
The car makes a loud noise when running as if there is no oil in the motor. I was told by someone that the motor has "thrown a rod"
sometimes it chages and sometimes it doesnot charge. what can cause this problem
Trying to find where the heater motor relay is located on my van. I am not getting voltage to the 10 amp fuse on the junction block. If you connect 12 volts direct to the heater blower motor it runs but I am not gett...
I was driving our van and at a stop sign it quit. Now it won't start at all. Lots of power and electrical works, it just won't even turn over