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if the ais motor was bad how would it effect my van? How can I know if its good or bad?
I hit someone and my airbags have deployed now i cant get any power to the van
while driving if I turn on lights,turn signal,flashers brakes,the car jerks real bad feels like transmission jerks?Then in the warning panel airbag lights up? Usually it is at least two jerks with each thing I press? ...
has gas but no spark changed the coil no help changed the crankshaft sensor no help
i need to change my lower balljoint do ihave to press it out
blew hose and lost tranny fluid. replaced hoses and inline filter,and fluid. ran under 50 miles and now will not go forward
everything work on my van , but it wont crank ,this might sound funny but , my wife was putting a steering wheel cover on an something was poping like plastic , what could that be under the dash by the steering colunm .
wont start plenty of gas..no spark..new distributor, timing great, belts great,help!!!
five speed, sounded like release bearing was loose, turned around all gears were grinding, less on 2 and not on 4 headed home got about 40 miles in fourth when engine popped out of gear and could only get back in gear...
I have to put about two courts of oil in a week. What do you think is wrong?
should i have a voltage reading to the fuel pump when the key is in the on position or only when turned to start?
My engine threw a rod and I got a wrecked van in which the engine ran perfect after installing the engine in my van I have no ignition spark and the small hot wire to the starter has no power
the seal comes back outafter less than 6 months should i remove the whole peice that holds the seal and if i do do i have to replace the whole oil pan gasket?
i need to know how i can find out which fuse goes to my radio because its blown and i do not have my owners manual and i dont want to pull out the wrong fuse
what is the firing order of the spark plugs