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All of the gear indicators are lite and all will flash on and off randomly. Starter doesn't do anything.
turning the key lights will dim slightly but no action from the starter at all. No solenoid clicking no starter spinning nothing. Tried jumping just in case of enough power to turn on lights but not the starter still ...
fan will not operate at all. worked great today then not at all toimorrow ???.
i am trying to hook up a mobile ham radio program.i have it mounted up but i am trying to run the wires to a power source for the mobile radio.i am not able to use the lighter.
I can hear the motor work and the window goes down about 1/8 of an inch. It doesn't matter which switch is being used (either the drivers side switch or the switch on the passenger door).
cant seem to get any spark from coil to distrubuter
It just started making a humming sound when you flip lock lever.
I took my van to a auto repair shop and got an estimate. I just want to compare that to another estimation.
the antitheft system will not allow the the starter to ingage to allow the van to crank, what would cause this?
Replace fuse and relay still wont work. Driver side back door don't open
my belt is intact and relatively new.. but keeps coming off when it rains.. i need a new splash guard.. how much will it cost to replace
I've lost 4 serpentine belts in less than a years time owning this vehicle.I've been informed there is a new pulley system with a double sided belt for this van,but no recalls.
Where is the blower resistor located, cant seem to find it
I was told my heater pipes are almost dust! Have to drive from ct to pa next week. Just replaced radiator-anyway this job fix can be kept to a minimum pricewise,but still have the car safe to drive for now?