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No fire to coil No fire out of coil
My van drives fine then out of no where check engine light and tranny won't shift stuck in a low gear. I pull over shut the engine of start it again an it drives fine for awhile what could this be a sensor? Or tranny?
stays on "Empty" Even when my gas tank is full. It also Keep making nose when I am driving the symbol of the gas light stays on. and it make a bell sounds Why. Is it the fuse blown? or ? Thanks. I had the Van since Ap...
dor panel info to repair
A friend replaced the belt but then left and now I have to reassemble the front passenger wheel assembly. How do I do that?
but once I get up to 40 mph it drives fine. Also when I turn on the ac or defrost, it starts sputtering again. Can you tell me whats going on?
It is embarrassing and very annoying. The horn just blows. Ticks off other drivers of course. Now I don't have a horn to signal with. Was told by service tech that the steering wheel would have to be disassembled to ...
Have problems locating where is the cooling relay for my 1999 plymouth grand voyager, please help.
it seems like there is transmission fluid everywhere when i look under the hood of my van and there is some leaking on the ground.....also the fan wont stop running
you push the button and you here the buzzer but the window will not move