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Once ever two weeks didn't start twice in a row in rain
Changed the cam and cranking sensors. New coil pack. And nothings wrong with the timing chain . What else could it be. Everything else works
ok so water pump fell off van and three bolts broke off in the mount itself....mechanic is new I dont know him well....is telling me he cant get the bolts out so thinks i may have to replace the whole thing which new ...
Fixing ac and need to know how much I need
carries a horn relay for this vehicle - am I missing something?
the hotter it gets the more it smokes. It is full of oil and water. one says it's the motor others say its a small leak. the motor runs fine and show no lights.
I need to plug in a drive-wise gizmo from my insurance company. I need to plug it in right away to be eligible for the discount.
All other speeds turns AC completely off.
The car was fully check out by certifed mechanic prior to repair and no other leaks were identified. The underside was power washed off by mechanic and no leaks reported. Repair to timing cover gasket made we drove 10...