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Just changed TCM and now codes show shift selonoid defective.
turn ignition, no clicks, nothing at all. replaced battery and cables. still nothing. lights and interior and dash lights come on, fully charged battery. Just happened suddenly, drove and started fine day before, in m...
R could it be crankshaft sensor r something else I'm stumped i was driving my kids to school and it was running fine then it just cut off on me so I'm totally lost on what it could be so plz help me
the air conditioner, defrost and other indicators do nothing when engaged
The wiper arms do not always swing, sometimes they stop in the middle of the windshield.
my vehicle donot change gears while driving my speed ometer not working when i stop my vehicle cuts off the rpms drop
My dashboard gauges intermittently quit;but usually return,after a day or so.I'm hoping it's just a loose connection.
My van had problems twice starting, wouldn't start just clicked, but got it started after a few minutes. Then I tried to start it one morning and it just clicked, I hear the fuel pump and I have power to windows, rad...
So I put my car in reverse and it wount move then I put the car in neutral and it moves forward I added transmission fluid but nothing has changed please help me don't know what else it may be