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and when you go To Start it, it Starts and dies instantly?
If i coast the turn, no clacking. If i'm turning and not move the steering it still clicks uniformly. No noise when driving straight and turning slightly.Louder when U turning.Suspension is tight.Same applies when in ...
power steering cap came off causing fluid to leak down on pulleys causing belt to come off
mine is clogged and the van is running real bad thought I would start there ?
it first started i would go to work, start home it would die on the way home, push it home it would start the next day, go to work get ready to go home, wouldn't start,replaced the crank sensor , now it tries to start...
What do i have to do to get to the spark plugs in order to change them
where is it located on this car?
do i need any additional parts other then the filter?
Having problems locating the OBD port on this van.
We have looked and can not locate the OBD port.
how do I remove the headlight lens cover to clean?
About a week ago I smelled burnt wiring briefly coming from the dash area within moments after starting up and driving, but it quickly went away. I have been having problems with the gauges all malfunctioning off and ...
How to make the rear door latch auto release button work?