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all lights etc. come on, Nothing happens if I try to jump starter with screwdriver
I went out for a ten minute drive I been checking my car for about 3 days now and It seem hot under my hood I changed my thermost and my fuse to my fan now its working. I did just get a new starter , my car is not le...
i tried getting a new relay and it did the same thing.what do u think it might be..thank you
turned car off to go into store.I came out car started ran 5 seconds then shut off.wouldn't start again.the code shows up as P0122 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input. Ed
When I got back in my car today I heard a continual sound that was like something was loose under my car and dragging or a rattling/chattering sound while my car was sitting idle. I popped the hood and the sound seem ...
if you need a heil-coil to be put in cylinder 4 does that mean you have a bad cylinder or a stripped spark plug ?
just happened parked the car the night before went to get in it the next day and it would'nt start
just started i had the oil changed and now it goes off and on
my check engine light does not come on how much should it cost to replace the bulb
My car starts to eratically miss when I drive it. I can drive it for a couple of days without it happening and then I will be driving approximately 40-50 mph and I will be on the gas and the car feels like it is not ...
did the blower motor cause the blower motor resistor to burn out .this is what I was told happens and that I should buy Both or the resistor will just burn out again.
car stops, put 5 fuel pumps on it and a crank sensor still no fuel pressure?
fan only works on high. havn,t figured out how to remove plastic under glove compartment.have looked behind heater controls but it wasn't located there.
The mechanic said he would have to replace the whole A/C compressor and belt(serpintine?). I don't have the $615 and am in desperate need of repairing my car soon. He says he can also install a bypass kit that would...