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As soon as i came to turn a corner my car stops. I tryed to turn it back on and it cranks over but doesnt start. I checked the fluids and the oil was below low can this be why is shut down?? NEED HELP PLEASE
when i turn the key it spins but does not start. i changed the spark plugs and put a new coil on. it still wont start. i think it is the crank sensor?
How to change a drive belt on 99 plymouth breeze
Do I need to replace the entire control arm? What will that cost?
I have to pull over and let her sit for a few min then she starts AND RUNS UNTILL SHE DIES AGAIN. WHATS WRONG WHY DOES SHE DIE
Car shakes when at a stop Anyone know why ?? Thanks
Water keeps getting in my trunk under spare tire ??
Oil in one spark plug I replace the cover gaskets twice And it's still leaking from that same one Any ideas ?? Thanks
the cooling fan stays on and won't turn off.
If I use an online manual is it easy enough to change out the heater motor and resistor myself?
Heater grinds when on or squeeks. Sometimes I can turn it off and then it will be ok for a few.
all lights etc. come on, Nothing happens if I try to jump starter with screwdriver
I went out for a ten minute drive I been checking my car for about 3 days now and It seem hot under my hood I changed my thermost and my fuse to my fan now its working. I did just get a new starter , my car is not le...