1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Q&A

1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Question: plugs wires

thanks my wires are done, they're working finally,thakns for your support -
Answer 1
Congratulations! autotechpat is the man! -
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Wondering if it would be difficult for me to change my own spark plugs on this model. Im no mechanic but I def dont want to pay the $300 plus for this job.
have had prior wiring harness issues but has been fixed, 167k on motor, many new parts, rotors,callipers,battery,clutch kit,plugs,wires,fuel injectors,lower ball joints,ect its is a project for my ...
I just got my response about the wires order #s I am still confuse about that,can I have more details plz, my car is 4 cylinders
I just replaced my plugs, and I removed my wires from their order, I not sure how they go back in order#s