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Honda Accord Plugged Moon Roof Drains May Cause Water Leak

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Plugged moon roof drains can cause a water leak inside the car. The water will usually leak onto the driver's or passenger's head when the car turns a corner.

Use a long nylon extension attached to a compressed air gun. There are 4 drain holes in the sun roof drip pan; 1 in easch position: The right & left front and the right & left rear. Open the sun roof. The fronts are easy to locate and blow clean. The rear drain ports you will need to "fish for" but are easy to locate & you will feel then the tip finds the openiing. Simply insert the blow gun nozel into the drain hole & blow for 5 seconds to remove debris covering the drain exits in the wheel wells. -
The problem was: very wet floorboards in front (and possibly also rear) of the car. This produced a very bad odor that persisted for a long time. At first I thought it was a windshield problem. Rather, there was an issue with the sunroof (moonroof?) hose. Either it was disconnected or clogged. A local Honda dealership repaired it; took two visits, the first visit didn't quite "take." -
When it rains the drivers side carpets front and back get soaking wet? Sealing the windshield did not help? -
Sunroof leaks on head while turning the corner -
water in trunk under spare tire. source of leak found to be left and right trunk to quarter panel body seams. Resealed over factory seal with RTV type caulking. Also, checked and cleared moonroof drain connections to the wheel wells. A year later found water in right rear passanger foot well. No clue yet where this is coming from. -
Wet in driver's side floorboard ... no windshield leak. Continues to have a small puddle on drivers side after every rain. -
Water in passenger back set when rainfall -
My sunroof is still awesome!!! Just wanted to say for report #2 thats what she said!!!! -
Same deal, after a rain water will fall on driver and passenger side when braking or turning a corner -
Water leaking on driver side, resulting in soaked floor mats. I blew out the drains on the moonroof and leaking stopped, but it has started again. I think I I'll use a compressed air nozzle this time. Not totally sure this is the final solution to the problem. -
Water drains onto the floor of the front cabin. -
Moon roof leak resulted in water pooling in driver side front foot well. -
Water on passenger side floor after rain. Windshield checked out ok. Believed to be moonroof drain. -
wet carpen on drivers side. had the moon roof drain cleaned. still leaking. -
Took to dealer. Repair was about $140 -
Has not been fixed water leaking onto drivers side of the vehicle unable to tell from where -
Water leaking on the inside of sunroof -
i always found water on the driver side carpet -
Water leaking in driver's side at pillar area seam and also water coming up through carpet on front driver's side. Took it to the dealer to be fixed - however, next rainstorm the leaking problem continued. I took it back to the dealer again today - we'll see if they fix it correctly this time. -
I have the same problem. Mine is an aftermarket sunroof, in addition my motor male socket seems to just turn in the female socket that open the sunroof. So I just decided to use some weatherstrip silicone and cover the gaps....yeah!! -
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