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Ford Bronco Plugged idle control valve/throttle plate may cause rough idling

Ford Bronco Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1990, 1995

Engine Affected: 5.8L V8

Rough or unstable idling could be caused by the idle control valve and throttle plate being plugged with carbon.
  • Chef JC, , 5.8L V8, 180,000 mi

    After i start the engine, it runs for a few minutes then starts to sputter and the idle gets real low. After about 20 seconds of rough idling it goes back to normal. Then about three minutes goes by and it starts to have the idling trouble again. Once its done sputtering the second time it runs fine. Its not a huge problem, just requires me to burn a lot of fuel every morning to warm it up for 10 minutes.

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