PLEASE HELP ME !! on 2004 BMW 325i

I have a 1994 325i bought 2 days with this problem.....when u take off at a normal speed or @ any speed, once the car shifts it will over rev 1000 to 1200rpm into every gear but it seems to keep pulling.ive been told trans computer,clutches and so on... were would u start? thanks,josh

by in Hillsboro, TN on February 03, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 03, 2009
Start by checking for codes stored in the Transmission computer, and have a BMW shop check to see if the Transmission computer has the latest software. If you just bought it 2 days ago, you may have a grace period where you can return it, it may need a transmission! Also, check here for reported issues with BMW transmissions -
ANSWER by on February 03, 2009
is it an automatic? Check the fluid level as well
ANSWER by on February 03, 2009
Sounds like a serious transmission problem. There are two types of transmissions that can be in this car BMW are adamant that their transmission fluid only be used in the transmission and their technical information say not to mix "types" of transmission fluid. BMW also dropped from their service schedules the need to ever change transmission oil but the result was transmission failures! Bret is right bring it to a BMW dealer or shop that specializes in BMW, get the to check the fluid level and scan for codes.
ANSWER by on January 30, 2010
My bmw same year and model had the same problem. The rear main seal had a hole and was leaking fluid onto the clutch causing it to slip. Extensive repairs are needed to replace this seal and transmission must be removed to do so. Look under car and see if it is leaking fluid towards the front of the tranny.
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