please help on 1998 Honda Civic

my honda civic lx 1998 is chuging while in idel but also
while driving i have change the rotor and the coil.
please help. is it timing,wires, cap. it feels like ite
serging, like every 5 sec or missing something.

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I have seen lots of ignition coil and rotor problems, it could be ignition related (distributor cap, more likely plug wires. When were the spark plugs last changed. Another thing over looked on this engine id the valves are adjusted and many people never check them. It may even be advisable to check compression. Basic diagnostic tests need to be done to figure out exactly what is wrong.
thank you, thank you, thank you...your the man, and you are right, everything is OK now.
it was the plug wires. and today i had to take my wife to see her doctor, and now i could
to so with out having to think about the car not making the trip. again thank you.
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Some of these vehicles had distributor problems. You could also have a vacuum leak causing some kind of issue. A proper diagnosis is in order since you have already handled some basic items.

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Distributor problem, OK, thank you. your right.