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Platinum Wrench Auto Repair In
August 13, 2015

The best shop I have ever been to! My timing belt broke and I had my car towed here. They got me a rental car and fixed it in 1 day! Thanks guys!!!

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Platinum Wrench Auto Repair In
March 26, 2015

If I could leave a HALF STAR I would...
After having a new air conditioning unit installed in my car, I took my car to Platinum Wrench to have the system finished up and re-charged. I paid $160.00 for this to be done. The new unit burnt out after only a couple weeks. I returned the parts to the auto store where purchased as it was under warranty and had another new unit installed, thinking the 1st one was faulty.
I went back to Platinum Wrench to have them finish up and re-charge the 2nd unit as I have been going to them for years. Once again I paid $160.00 for the service. Once again the 2nd new system only worked for a couple weeks and burnt up!!
At this point I decided to get a second opinion so I took it to another auto repair shop. This mechanic asked me if Platinum Wrench flushed the system, and stated that they should have advised me that all new systems need to be flushed when replacing. Platinum Wrench never advise me that it needed to be done or offered to do it.
I asked Platinum Wrench to install another new unit that I provide, flush it and recharge the system free of charge this time as they have caused me considerable time and expense to replace 2 units already.
They refuse to stand behind their work and told me no.They stated that I did not ask for a system flush.
I am NOT a mechanic so there is no way for me to know that the system needed flushed. Isn't this why mechanics get paid the big bucks?? Never in my life have I had to tell a mechanic how to do their job or what needs to be done.
So after $320.00 in charges I have to pay another company to install another unit and flush and recharge the system.
After years of business with Platinum Wrench servicing my personal car as well as ALL of our company’s vehicles they have now lost thousands and thousands of dollars in revenue.
I advise everyone to take your business to a company that stands behind their work and avoid this business completely!

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Platinum Wrench Auto Repair In
September 17, 2009

My Porsche had a starter problem. I had coworker recommend this facility. I drove my vehicle from Dunedin to Pinellas Park. They had told me the repair would be completed in two to three days. They had my car for 3 days. When I went to pick up my vehicle, I had to pay over $3000. On top of that the problem was not fixed. They told me to bring it back in. I did so thinking this time they would fix the problem. They had my vehicle for over a week. Once again they did not fix the problem, instead charging me another $2000. My vehicle was never fixed. They were not professional, and I lost over $5000 without my Porsche ever being fixed.

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