pilot bushing and left front thrust arm part number on 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320

my 2003 E 320 has a leaking pilot bushing, and a torn eft front thrust arm( boot torn) i need the part number in order to buy it. anyone?

by in Alexandria, VA on October 29, 2013
2 answers
ANSWER by on October 30, 2013
You really need to have a mechanic inspect your car for these problems. IF this 'were' a parts store, your parts discription is is not accurate enough to know what you need! Unless it has a manual transmission, there is no "pilot bushing", and even if it is a stick shift, the pilot bushing can not leak anything! The thrust arm, with a torn boot, i assume is the inner tie rod but cannot be sure. Just have it checked out before buying parts it dosen't have or need.
ANSWER by on October 30, 2013
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