Pilot Bushing on 1990 Dodge Dakota

I bought a clutch kit and it had the pilot bushing in it but their was no old pilot bushing in the truck. Do I need to install the new pilot bushing that came with the kit or is the kit made to fit different models and the pilot bushing is not needed for this truck? The bushing would fit and I thought I should put it in but just wanting to make sure first.

by in Smyrna, TN on April 04, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 04, 2010
a lot of clutch kits contain peices that may not be needed. check a manual to see if your unit needs one. most do require it. it sounds odd not to have one in there. Roy
ANSWER by on January 16, 2011
The 2.5 in the Dakotas DO require a pilot bushing. The original in the 90 Dakota with NP2500/A535 transmission appears to be less long then the replacement ones that come in the kits or from the parts stores. Be aware of this and do not attempt to drive it flat. Test fit to ensure clearance or cut the bushing to the correct length. (Sounds worrying I know, but seems to be necessary)
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