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14202 Lee Hwy, Gainesville, VA 20155

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Piedmont Tire & Auto
December 29, 2010

I have found my place. Incredible service with incredible pricing. You just don't get better than this place.

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Piedmont Tire & Auto
March 10, 2009

This place is very honest. They do excellent work!!! . I have had my car there many time and have always got great service.

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Piedmont Tire & Auto
January 06, 2009

I would definitely not reccomend this shop to anyone trying to get their vehicle repaired or anything as simple as an oil change. I first went to piedmont to get my tires balanced and they left one of the caps to my 20" rims off and lost it. When they couldn't find a replacement and came to the conclusion they were going to have to buy a new rim I was told they would split the cost of a new rim with me (Insane for something they messed up on). They tried to purchase a new rim, but were unsuccessful and had me waiting for 2 months. During that time I contacted them at least 8 times and was told every time that they were waiting and to call in a few days. needless to say that after 2 months I was upset. Since they couldn't get a replacement rim they had to replace my entire rim set. I had to choose a set of rims from their stock that weren't as nice as the originals i had, but I said forget it. I have new rims and I won't complain.

Well that wasn't the last of their mistakes. Unfortunately the mechanic who put the rims on didn't tighten my lugs on my right side and the studs broke off. That should be taken seriously because the tire could have came off while i was driving on the hwy (deadly). I brought my car back and they apologized and replaced my studs. How a professional forgets to tighten the lugs on the tires is besides me. That should have been a clear sign for me to stay away, but i decided to go back to them since they gave me a coupon for 2 free oil changes to compensate me for the poor service I had with the mix up of my rims. The latest was just before thanksgiving and I had them do an oil change and tire rotation before i got on the hwy. They used the tire lock i have for my rims in my glove compartment and got the job done. Apparently they forgot to put my wheel lock back in my glove box (surprise surprise). It wasn't until a little over a month later when i was going to get some work done on my car that I found out that the lock wasn't in my glove box. (Word to the wise, always thoroughly check your car for everything before & after your visit)
Well I decided to call Piedmont tire up and tell them what happened and what I was told was they didn't have it and they didn't lose it. Now we have a case of He said She said. Like most people I don't check my car for missing items after i leave a shop because you expect them to be honest and professional. How many of you out there go into your glove box on a regular basis. probably slim to none. the only time I'm in mine is when im asked for my registration or if i need to retrieve my wheel lock for a repair. I've done neither, but the Owner Stan apparently believes his mechanic couldn't have possibly made that mistake. I beg to differ. If two mistakes were made on my vehicle, why wouldn't they assume a third could've been made. Anyways they were uncooperative and told me they wish to disolve this relationship. convientally when they don't want to shell out any more money for any of their guys mistakes. I was told that they've done enough. I was baffled that a well established shop would treat a customer like that. The Owner was down right nasty. You expect that maybe from an employee, but not the owner. I was dissappointed that they didn't want to own up to their mistake. This is just my horror story. I'm pretty sure there's others out there. Beware and Be careful. I hope you all can learn a lesson from my fiasco and save yourself the heartache and stress. Should have went to Goodyear.

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