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Phil's Car Care
June 30, 2012

Like most shops they have those customers that can see no wrong and those customers that would not touch the place with a ten foot pole. All these customers are commenting about “how he helped me out of spending a lot of money” but in my case he spent all my money just find. I do not know what these other customers are talking about when they say the place is great, and he goes the extra mile in customer service, the first major complaint I would say is "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE". I have been into the shop on three different occasions, FOR THE SAME ISSUE MIND YOU, and all he told me was how much the bill is. Each time I have left my car with him in his shop I had to call him to get feedback on everything; Cost, What the repair is, and when to expect it to be done. Now… I needed my PCM replaced and Phil’s said he could do it. Well the first time out he kept my car for 2 days and charged me $600.00 dollars for the work, great deal right….wrong. I got 20 minutes down the road and the problem tripped again. I returned the car to him to check it out a few days later and they did was replace the part. Not so bad right…wrong. After driving back to the shop and being the first customer in line for the day I sat there for 6 hours only to be told what was going on after I asked several times. He then charged me an additional $60.00 for having to redo the work… that is not good customer service, but anyway, when they were done I took the car back out on the road after paying the money and it was driving strange, so I turned back around to take it back and when I got there I described what the car was doing and he did not even come out and look at it, he just said, “Well get out on the freeway and gun it , and the computer will fix it self”…his excuse for not test driving it was he just wanted to get me out of there because I had been waiting so long. So Recap; when I brought the car back on the second trip to get the work REDONE I waited 6 hours with no body telling what was going on until I asked, he charged me more money for the same work, he didn’t test drive it, and when I brought it back he didn’t even look at it. Well was it good customer service the second time around? Nope. After doing what he told me and getting out and gunning the engine on the freeway the check engine light tripped AGAIN! So I took another day off of work (Because he is conveniently NOT OPEN on the weekends) to take it back in for him to fix it. He asked for us to leave the car and he provided us with a 1980 something Buick with out of date stickers to drive. We told him we didn’t feel comfortable driving the car with out of date stickers so he provided me and my family of 7 with a 1987 Blazer with no working AC and broken windshield wipers. After keeping the car 2 more days he then charged me another 300.00 dollars to replace something else he said was the problem. Now I am close to 1000.00 dollars in the whole and I have my car back. Not so bad right? Wrong again, The car runs worse than before I brought it in the first time and the check engine light is still on. I called him back after I got my car to tell him it was still not running right and I found out he was gone on a trip out of town so,… that’s right I got no good service again. So like most victims of bad mechanic shops I am a 1000.00 in debt, the car is not fixed and he is not available to help. I am now forced to either continue with his services to get the problem fixed or start over with someone else. I am so furious that I feel that if I returned to this shop I would be supporting this crappy service, so that is right I AM CUTTING MY LOSSES AND STARTING OVER WITH SOMEONE ELSE. He may be great for oil changes and the occasional tune up, but as for customer service he is next to the worst experience ever. I don’t mind if you use this shop, but I would definitely get a second opinion before allowing one of his faceless mechanics touch your car.

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