Coolant Loss and Engine Overheating on Jaguar X-Type

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The plastic coolant reservoir is prone to leak. The reservoir can mysteriously lose coolant or coolant may pool under the engine compartment. If this occurs, the coolant reservoir should be inspected for cracks. If leaks are neglected, the reservoir may fail and cause the engine to overheat.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 99,017 (129–230,000)
5 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2007
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Cracked coolant overfill tank where the hose attaches to the tank. Replaced it but still high temp warning lights come on after car is driven for about 20 miles but engine is not over heating.
Reservoir or tubing coolant leak, never looses more than slightly below minimum level.
I had this problem recently - still not fully resolved as I think I have a hose leak at the lower rad hose, but I replaced the coolant reservoir - When I popped off the hoses the largest of the three ports (the lower one) was corroded right through by a mixture of rusty water and coolant - there was also a crack elsewhere so these fall to bits.

The tank is SUPER easy to replace, takes about 5 minutes. The hard part is diagnosing leaks elsewhere - can't bloody see 'em!

**UPDATE** - If you notice water dripping from your lower front bumper trim FEEL IT - if it's warm, it's (obviously) coolant, but if it's COLD it's NOT COOLANT!!! It's from your air con compressor. I spent ages diagnosing a 'leak' today but it's apparently common to have some condensing water dripping from your Air Con. IN case anyone else has the same problem.
coolant lose--- nipple for return line cracks due to clamp,when clamp is installed the ears of the clamp are turned up, when the hood is closed the lining presses on the clamp, after time the nipple cracks. I turned clamp around (ears down) problem solved.Has 117000 now, still ok
Anti freeze is leaking on ground, but the engine is not running hot.Anti leak out when engine is off and the radiator do not have anti in it.
The nipple at the top left of the expansion tank (when you're looking at the tank from in front of the car) is known to be a weak spot. The nipple eventually develops a hairline crack or snaps off completely causing you to lose coolant.

The solution is to replace the whole expansion tank with a new one. Consider the Dorman (non-OEM) tank, which you can order from your local parts store or on Amazon. It looks to have a metal sleeve inside the nipple which may make it more durable than the non-reinforced plastic nipple on the OEM reservoir.
Coolant return line nipple on the reservoir broke off while driving at 40mph. Engine termperature went up and I could smell the rubber overheating. Nothing bad and I stopped before the temp. warning light came on. Made temporay fix with duct tape(gotta love that stuff!!)to get me home a few miles. Replaced the resevoir with a new one myself. Cost about $60 total.
i add coolant to the coolant reservoir but leaks out daily and car doesn't overheat?
Replaced plastic reservoir twice now since owning 2004 Jag X-Type.
My car started throwing out my coolantbhas a crack in the side of my reservoir
My jaguar 2002 xtype is leaking coolant after I have changed the radiator & water pump and there's no crack in the bottom it's like a loose hose
Car over heating and leaking water.
Car seems to leak every time I turn it off. A pool appears under car.I have only had the car a couple months. Just started doing this a couple days ago after freezing temperatures.
I had the same problem with the coolant tank they replaced the coolant tank looked under the hood this morning noticed there was a low coolant level took it to the shop he said it might be the radiator water pump or thermostat just want to get the problem fixed and not everything else that they might think I need to fix.
My car over heated, and before I spent a whole lot of money I noticed all the coolant or water wasn't in the tank I had a leak . I noticed the overflow tube was loose and the plastic part that connects into the tank that holds the coolant was detached I ordered a new holding reservoir and the part that was broken was also broken when I recieved the new one. So I sent it back and I paid less then a hundred dollars put it in myself had enough tube to cut and the overheating was fixed. I did however use a j b wailing glue to hold it together till I got the new one in place and it worked like a charm. So if u take the time to look jaguar would've overcharged me. Just make sure u check this every now and then obviously this piece breaks often
Noticed coolant on the ground, reservoir was cracked and had to be replaced.
coolant reservoir leaking hadt to replace.