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1994 Toyota Camry Question: performance-throttle problem

Going forward or revers, my car stalls or hesitates when accelerating from a a complete stop. This used to be just when the A/C was on but now it does it almost all the time. If I ease up on the accelerator, it usually does not stall out. No problem when accelerating at high speeds. We have tried throttle cleaner and checked the T.P.S. but it seems to check out with an ohm meter. A Toyota Pro. had it for a month but could not find out what the problem is!!! GOT ANY IDEA WHAT CAN BE DOING THIS? SINCERELY FRUSTRATED ED!!! -
Answer 1
Hey Ed, hopefully you're not frustrated anymore, has this been resolved? If so, what was causing this? thx -
Answer 2
have had your mass air flow checked sence this sensor is responsable for measuring the amount of air entering the engine whitch then is mixed with the gas for proper emission. look it up its called (MAF)-mass air flow sensor. its located on the air intake duct, do your home work and you can find out that this sensor can cuase differnt symtoms -
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