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1046 N Beverly Ave, Tucson, AZ 85711

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Perfection Auto Works Incorporated
March 01, 2012

Theres only two things to say about Perfection Auto Works.
Honesty, and Integrity...
This shop packs it all.
Phill R.

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Perfection Auto Works Incorporated
May 23, 2011

Perfection Auto Works is the only shop in Tucson that I trust with my vehicles. They have been able to fix everything on my Ford F150 4x4 and my BMW Z4 convertible. I even use Perfection for my oil changes because I feel good knowing they'll give the car a thorough inspection. And when nothing is wrong, they are honest and say so. They are busy enough that they don't need to make stuff up like other repair shops in town.

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Perfection Auto Works Incorporated
June 20, 2008

After waiting two weeks for an appointment, I recently brought my 2002, Saab 93 in to replace a temperature sensor. When I called them late in the afternoon the same day, they hadn’t started on it. I indicated that I needed it the same day, as it was my primary means of transportation. When I arrived, I discovered that they also recommended replacement of the oil pressure sending unit. The total was $460.00.
Within a few days after this, the problem with the temperature sensor reappeared. I decided to wait on having this looked at because it wasn't causing me any serious problems. Unfortunately, a month later, I began to get an oil leak. At first it wasn't too bad, but within a few days it became significant, so I called Perfection to get it in for repair. I was told that the first appointment would be three (3) weeks away. In addition, they felt that their work was done properly and that it must be a new issue. Since I believed otherwise, I decided to have the vehicle towed to their shop. They said that the only way they could look at it earlier would be if they got a cancellation. I gave them an entire week, but finally called to let them know I was going to have it towed over to the Saab dealer. I asked them to prepare the bill for the original tow, as I would be in right after work. When I arrived, low and behold, the car was up on the lift being worked on. Wonder of wonders, they discovered that the oil pressure sending unit was loose and leaking. They gave the excuse that it was in a hard-to-get-to area. So they just had to tighten it. No charge, since it was warranty work. However, they still charged me for the towing ($47), and I had a rental car charge ($150) for the week. It’s been several weeks, and I still have no offer to cover these items. Fortunately, the oil leak has not reappeared, so I won’t have to go back. I certainly won’t have them look at the temperature sensor issue, which is still failing. And they broke a tab on my engine cover, which is now loose, and won’t replace it.

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