pcv valve on 2006 Toyota Tacoma

How hard is it to change the pcv valve on a 2006 toyota tacoma v6

by in Cookeville, TN on January 11, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 11, 2011
It's an easy process, disconnect the vent hose unscrew the valve, install the new one, reconnect the hose. The official labor time is .4 hrs, I think it can be done faster. Zee
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...Jiffy Lube. They changed the oil, filter, air filter and flushed the system. I replaced the pcv valve as instructed. Everytime I start the vehicle and accelerate, smoke comes out of the tailpipe....
Where is The PCV valve located ?
When coming to a stop, the idle dosn't drop to normal till I tap the throttle. could the pvc valve have anything to do with it.
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...f oil on the top of the engine. Oil has been changed every 3-4 thousand miles. Could this be a PCV Valve or PCV Tube issue?

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