pcm relay? on 2001 Ford Explorer

no spark... just died heading to there and where would the rely be located for the pcm??...the only code pulled was for the coil pack, there are 4 on each ... would it be normal for both to go bad at same time??

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The 5.0L V8 in the 2001 Explorer has two coils - each one firing four plugs.

The ignition system / spark is controlled by the PCM.

There is a PCM relay in the battery junction box - the box with fuses and relays near the battery.

The crankshaft sensor is also one to have a look at to make sure it is sending the signal.
thx dave, i will check for the relay first , the crankshaft sensor tested fine with ohm meter, i pulled the pcm and took to the local ford dealer to have tested....which they said it would have to b on the vehicle to test....again thx for ur input it will help me to better diagnose....any other info would be helpful....
The processor will be fine; don't sweat that...very rare there is an issue there.
Does a PCM relay trip at the same time as a fuel pump relay if the fuel pump is faulty?