pcm question on 1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Wher is the power control moduale loceted on my 1999 Ford F-350 with the 7.3L V8 turbo diesel

by in Hubbard, NE on November 23, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on November 23, 2009
Not clear on what you are asking. What is the problem with the truck?
ANSWER by on May 09, 2010
the pcm is located under the dash on drivers side,left side, with a black plastic cover with two bolts holding the pcm in place. then there is also a bolt on the outside firewall holding the wiring harness to your computer, 8mm on wiring harness and 10mm on the two bolts insde holding the pcm in place. this computer is on backorder thru ford motor company until may 27/2010 and is not available new until from ford in the us until the end of this month. but you can get yours rebuilt.
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