pcm burnt out? on 1997 Mazda B2300

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ok i'll start by saying... it wont start... checked spark. nothing. checked fuel. nothing no psi. hmmm checked fuse PCM fuse blown. replaced that fuse along with a new fuel pump and filter. went to start, PCM fuse blows... replaced all my relays, new PCM fuse. BLOWS again!

couple of weeks ago, my step dad use the truck to jump my moms car.. his dumbass puts them on the wrong way, but only for a sec.... but the truck still ran for a few weeks. then craped on me.

i checked for burnt wires and found nothing.. im thinking its my PCM.
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Wow, hooked the jumper up the wrong way. Big mistake. Could fry any electronics in either vehicle. If you can get a PCM cheap enough at a junkyard (recycled auto parts place), that may be the easiest way to see if the PCM is damaged, but if it's not you need to find out what really happened. You may have to get a wiring diagram, check power and ground at the PCM and also look for a short which could be blowing fuses. Very possible that the "accident" melted a power wire and shorted to ground a week or two later. I've seen it take a while for something like this to fail. Herer's a directory link if you want to find an auto electric shop to fix it.
yeah it was the PCM. got one for $200. not my clutch is stick'n and hard to pump and isn't releasing into gear.... im at a stop sign. press the clutch to put it in 1st... its in 1st, i release the clutch and it is not releasing to go anywheres. im thinking slave cylinder.
because im got nothing but fluid now and no clutch at all. any other opinion?
what if my truck runs fine , but , every time i take off it blows the fuse which not only controls the fuel pump , but also the (pcm). it can idle all day , but as soon as i take off it burns the fuse at second gear.