Passlock 3 problem on 2003 Pontiac Montana

Tried to install new PCM did the 30 min relearn now van cranks over but doesn't start no security light on dashboard. Fairly certain fuel injectors turned off. Van at least ran before all of this.

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did you have the new pcm flashed?? it need this before it will start.

by the way, why did you replace the pcm and what caused the failure??

yes pcm was flashed with my vin number. replaced because i was having intermittent generator problems alt. replaced still had ocasional problems. checked wires from alt. to computer no problems found figured pcm might be culprit because diagram shows computer may controll regulator maybe im wrong but thats what it looks like. now if i put old computer back in that doesnt start it either. it did atleast run before.seems to be passlock problem now but not sure. thanks Mark