Passengers parking brake lever. on 1999 Ford Explorer

When I try to engage the parking break. The lever that throws the shoe forward, it is sliding down the shoe instead of forward. So the shoe is not giving full pressure on the drum part of the rotor. How do I remedy this?

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Improper assembly.
That is notmthe problem. I am wondering if the lever is worn out?
Do you have the drivers side drum off to compare? Did you replace the shoes yourself or just decided to investigate it?
I have both off for now. I know how to do brakes very well. The drivers side works fine. It is only the passengers side that does this. I have talked to a few others that have this vehicle, with the same problem. Always the passengers side. They don't know what to do either.
What's the difference between left and right? WHY is the other one working?that should lead to an answer.