Passenger side rear blinker not working on 1994 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

I have replaced bulbs and switch the front blinks when turned on the blinker on dash blinks really fast

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Bulb circuit board, or the wire connector, on rear pass. side. It is mounted to the light assem. Both avail. at parts store!
Already replaced the circuit board and bulbs also replaced the turn signal switch the wire connecter is good
Ground circuit to right rear! Run a wire to ground the bulb and see if it starts working. One more thing, do all the four way flashers and brake lights work? Wired for trailer? Find and repair broken/poor connection to that light
Yes everything but the blinker works, no it is not wired for a trailer

Replace SIGNAL light flasher. Signal and brake work on the same circuit!
Will try, I am working on this because my husbands deployed thought I wasn't mechanically inclined but the book helps
Good luck with it!
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