Passenger side headlight bulb replacement on 2008 GMC Yukon

Passenger side headlight bulb replacement

Asked by for the 2008 GMC Yukon
Open hood, pull the two long vertical 90°(upside-down L or7) shaped pins at the top of the light out and the 'assembly' comes right out to acess the bulb. Remove wire connector then turn bulb counter clock to remove. Do not touch the glass of new bulb , wear a glove or grip by sides as oils from your skin will shorten bulb life.
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agree with #1 very simple.look for round lock pins
The answer, including a good disassembled illustration is at:
The key is to remove the six bolts that attach the facia top to the hood latch bracket, and partially remove the headlamp to get access. Don't forget to loosen but not completely remove the bottom outboard bolt, accessed by partially removing the inner fender.
I think that you are thinking about another light other than the HEADLIGHT. Like the fog maybe.
Hey, if i am wrong well at least we got it covered!