Passenger Seat will not move on 2005 Infiniti FX35

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The passenger seat in my 2005 FX35 will not move forward or backward and the seat back will only move back/down. I do not hear any motors even being actuated when I hit the switches so I assume that I either have a bad switch or a loose wire somewhere.
First, has anyone seen this issue before? Solution?
Second, is there a way to manually move the seat? (currently the seat back is in the full back/down position)
Thank you,
(2) Answers
Qppears no one has attempted to answer this question since it was presented. I have the same problem. I intend to disconnect the motor on Saturday and manually push the seat into the position I want and reconnect it. Once I do that I will connect the Seat to the harness and go from there. I believe that as long as the seat is connected to a power source it will not allow the motor to be moved. Once unplugged it should allow one to move it.
As far as what is wrong, I will see a tech tomorrow at the Infiniti dealership. I have been looking for a site to help me with this problem. So far no takers...