passenger headlight does not work, bulb and fuses have been replaced. what could on 2006 Lincoln Zephyr

I have a 2006 Lincoln zephyr whos passenger side headlamp will not work.. we have replaced the bulbs and fuses. We have been told it is the headlight module but have been unable to find a number for it to order it online.. I can replace it myself but all the dealers around here will not give us the number to order it unless we let them install it, which will be very costly. The auto part stores do not have it on their files could someone help us with the number or what other problem this could be,

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Test your RH headlight relay circuit to ensure the relay is working, if not make sure the module is or is not sending the Bat+ signal to #1 terminal, and make sure the ground at the #2 terminal is good first. The module is located at the LH kick panel or lower 'A' pillar. It is listed as the Smart Junction Box, Should have the part number labeled on it. In our field we call it the Lighting Control Module. It will probably have to be programmed, Will read the old one first, then install new one, then program information into the new module.
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The headlight ballast was what it was for mine, and ended up being less expensive than the light bulb! Between 65 to 90 bucks!