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2000 Lincoln LS Question: passenger comp. fuse panel

i have shocked my battery, my panal lights up like a christmas tree, car still runs but poorly. looked for burnt fuses and relays saw none (may have to get comp.)noticed that the passenger compartment fuse box had no relay #1 in place, is this missing? or bad x -
Answer 1
do you mean you crossed the cables? if you did, then you more than likely burnt out some computers. you have around 9 different computers. you need to go to a shop to asess the damage. Roy -
Comment 1
a tool fell on the battery , sparking. much of the display lights are lit - ABS - Advance Trac - no trip -no MPH. lost job , doing the work myself if i can. -
Comment 2
wow. it does not sond good. you need to look at the heavy fuses for failure. hopefully they blew before the computers fried. Roy -
Comment 3
chance you know how to find this fuse info on location location location -