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2005 Toyota Corolla Question: passenger airbag

My passenger occupancy sensor is not working properly. Is it the sensor or the wiring? -
Answer 1
This is often caused by damage to the sensor. Has someone spilled a beverage on the seat? -
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my vehicle is showing passenger airbag off indicator and the fault code displayed is B1 650. May I know what does it mean, how to fix...
I washed the engine of my car and a day after, the passenger srs airbag indicator pops up. The battery indicator also pops up. What should I do?
I need to repair the broken wires (2) red and (2) yellow that the mice have chewed off that pertain to the passenger side air bag.
The airbag warning that I think is associated with a warning when a child is in the front passenger seat, is always on. The seat isn't buckled and nothing is in the front seat. I checked the wire...