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1991 Ford Probe Question: pass. side seat belt repair

What's the easiest way to rep. pass. side restraint? It's stuck in halfway pos. and I don't know where or how to start. Any suggestions? Stick the car where?? In the shop? No thanx! -
Answer 1
There is no easy way, it's a pain. I'd done many of them back in the day when these cars were current and it's a replacement issue rather than repairing the restraint assembly. There's a recall from the mid-90's but I wouldn't think they'd have parts handy anymore but you could get lucky. The Ford dealer may not be too eager to deal with this since the car is 20 years old and they might not have anybody who's experienced with the repair anymore. Check with the dealer and be very pleasant, maybe they'll step up... -
Comment 1
Thx. I was afraid of that. Maybe I can find something on-line, or somethin'. -
Answer 2
I'm nearly certain that parts will be obsolete from Ford on this. If there is anything available, it'll be the whole assembly. Like Bob said, these systems were miserable from the start. Again, check with the dealership...you may get lucky... -