pass lock system on 2007 Chevrolet Colorado

Sometimes the truck cranks but will not start. I wait a few minutes and it starts. Took it to a locksmith and they said I have a problem with the computer internally and I need to buy a new one and have it programed. Said it would cost about six hundred dollars. Anyone having the same problem and has a easier fix, please let me know. I've seen this same problem over and over on different forums and everyone seems to have a different answer to what really causes this to happen. Don't know what the code was but I will find out.

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Ok, I have the same problem, the code that I am getting is P0305, don't know if code is the same problem. I took it to get a diagnostic and they couldn't find a problem..When I got in to start truck it wouldn't start luckily we were still at the shop, we think that the anti-theft device is going bad. I was told that the part is 175.00 plus 90 in labor.