parts interchangeability on 1993 Buick Skylark

The 3.3L V-6 needs rebuilding. My Question is whether the 3.3 is just a short deck small bore version of the 3.8 of the same year. The 3.3 has a 3.7" bore and the 3.8 has a 3.8" bore. will all other parts interchange? Can the 3.8 piston kit be used if the block is bored to 3.8"? Thanks Sonny

by in Corpus Christi, TX on April 18, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 18, 2010
You just can't be sure that the parts are interchangeable unless you're matching the engine code in the VIN with the part numbers. It's likely that most parts will work, but it is best to be sure.
ANSWER by on April 18, 2010
your computer will run the 3.8 with 3.3 info. it will cause drivability issues. stay with the same motor and parts. not like the old days that you could interchange engines with no problems. Roy
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