parts and labor guestions and prices. on 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

what is a upper intake plentium; and what is a evap purge solenoid. What is the price of each service including parts and labor ?

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The upper intake the the top section of the intake manifold. The intake manifold is the part of the engine that connects the throttle body to the cylinder heads. Air is drawn into the cylinders through the intake manifold. Some manifolds are one piece and some are two piece with an upper and lower section. It is not uncommon for some intake manifold gaskets to leak coolant or oil. The evap purge solenoid is an electrically controlled valve which is activated by the engine computer. The function of the valve is to allow fuel vapors stored in the vapor canister to be drawn into the engine and burned when the conditions to do so are correct. Check the repair estimates available at for information regarding the cost of repairs.