Parking sensors - Are they somehow linked to the Nav System? on 2006 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Just bought my 2006 and I'm busy checking off the list of items to be serviced. I do not have the nav disc yet for the Suburban Z-71. I'm hoping that there is either a switch or that they are linked.

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do you have back up camera?
I'm not sure. Just bought last week and I have not spotted the camera while washing the vehicle yesterday. Where would it be?
by lic plate area. if you put it in reverse does a screen come up on the nav system
No, No pop-up reverse image and I do not see a camera near the plate either.
so more than likely parking sensors do not affect nav
How do I switch off or on the sensors?
I havnt read it cover to cover however, I have unsuccessfully thumbed thru it twice looking for any reference to it and have come up empty each time so far. Will try again after I get the kids to bed during my 45 minutes of free time.
The Answer - The vehicle has a replacement bumper which has the sensors on it & was never equipped w/ Park Assist :(