Parking lights stay on. on 1997 Toyota Camry

This is the second time in a year that the parking lights have stayed on when the lights are shut off and the key is removed. The first time, I replaced the headlight relay. This time I removed all the relays and the fuses that I could get out and the lights still stayed on. My only solution is to remove the battery cable each time I use the car. This problem also included the dash lights.

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You have unswitched power to your parking lights, so if the light switch contacts are wearing out, you could have parking lights on with the key off. I know this because I drive a 1998 Camry, so I am familiar with the lighting systems.

So, try disconnecting your head light switch from under neath your steering column and see if the lights go out.

If that is unsuccessful, then:

here is a link to a site with good repair manuals online: