parking lights go on off, then remain on for 5 min and repeats on 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

parking lights on off, dash do same when car is parked. Once running everything seems to work but dash lights on and off?
Runs battery down.

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Do you have an alarm? It seems like something a malfunctioning alarm would do.
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i have a 1998 aurora and mine does the same thing i took it to a shop and did some research online and found that the turn signal switch if its off and you can wiggle it then that would cause your lights to flicker on and off not shure tho they said the switch was like 250 dollers and i ant got that at the moment so i went under the dash and pulled out the 4x4 black box and lay it behind my e brake and just plug it in when i need my lights for now i do plan to fix the problem just havent yet when i do ill repost