Parking Brake Service Indicator On- Cannot Disengage Brake on 2005 Audi A6 Quattro

Parking brake indicator in MMI came on yesterday. This morning break was engaged and electonic switch feels as if it is broken. Any idea how to release break so I can bring to repair shop?

Thank you

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You will have to disassemble the lever and release it. it is not easy. you may have to disassemble your center console ( lots more work ) sorry to say.
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your park brake is electronic. there is no lever to disassemble. it is possible to reverse the power on the e-brake motors at the rear calipers to back them off but someone who understands that system should be the one to try.
Friend of mine took cotton balls and rubbing alcohol and rubbed it over the console. Apparently something spilled on the consolde next to the cup holders. Did not need a new switch after all. Thank you for your reponses.