2003 BMW 745i Q&A

2003 BMW 745i Question: parking brake

i cant get the parking brake to release i did everything the book says but it want release and the light stays on -
Answer 1
Did someone work on the rear brakes recently? Looks like the parking brake actuator failed. You might need to tow it to a BMW specialty shop or to the dealer for further diagnostics. Zee -
Answer 2
We just got it from a used car dealer about 3 weeks ago is was serviced before we brought it -
Comment 1
Well, if it has new rear brakes there is a big possibility that someone who did the job didn't know how to put the EPB into service mode and damaged the system. You need to take it to an independent BMW shop or to the dealer. BTW, did you do any research on this model before you bought it? Does the car comes with an excellent service record? Zee -
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