parking brake on 2004 Ford Explorer

how do you replace the parking brake shoes inside the rear rotor?

Asked by for the 2004 Ford Explorer
The vehicle needs to be properly supported and the rear wheels removed. Remove the parking brake from engagement. The rear brake calipers need to be removed (like you were replacing the brake pads), the two caliper mounting brackets are removed, the brake disc is removed. The brake shoes for the emergency brake sit inside the brake rotor which looks like a top hat.
Yes, that is the easy part, but what is done next? It has been my experience that it is a real bear to put the new shoes on. You will need two people unless you have e hands. Mount both shoes with the pin and clip. If the front pin needs to be threaded thru the hole, feed some wire thru the hole and wrap it over the tip of the pin, then pull it thru the hole. Once the clips are back in place, put on the top spring using needle nose pliers and a lot of muscle. Put the adjusting screw in (fully turned in), then the bottom spring. Put the rotor on and adjust the screw until it as close to the rotor surface as possible without touching it.