Parked our 06 Odyssey for approximately 24 hrs. Will do nothing now. on 2006 Honda Odyssey

Parked the van came out the next day to start it and everything is dead. No lights radio nothing. So went to roll it back so I could use my other car to jump the battery and car will not come out of park. Key on brake pressed but will not release into neutral. How much will this problem cost ?? Any ideas what might be causing this.....Never Happened before.

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IF the battery is more than 3 years old , buy a new (good grade 550CCA) battery AND replace the A/C compressor clutch relay in the underhood fuse box, most likely stuck on causing draw . Shift lock over-ride is under a small cover on top of the steering column or on newer models with the shifter in the center area of dash the cover would be to the right of the shift lever. carefully pry cover out and push key straight in , press on brake , push release lever on shifter and remove from park.
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It is possible you left something on that drained the battery or the battery has simply expired! Fully recharge battery, take it to the shop for a parasitic load test! Rent, buy or borrow a battery charger if needed but it is MUCH better to recharge it rather than just jump start and drive it. Pay close attention when hooking the battery charger connections up! Pos to Pos.....Neg to Neg.
So is that why it will not come out of park because the battery is that dead???
Yes it is. How old is the battery? I am sure there is a shift lock override but i dont know where it is, maybe the Honda tech here will help us out.
★Thanks zip! Now i know too!! Think i'll have a green jelly sandwich.